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Biff, Boom, Pow!

🐽 This is another Graffiti Piggy entry and it's getting more weird. The sticker in question is like a sound effect with a face. 👀 Please read on! ⚠️

Biff is a superhero of a different kind. Everyone else dresses up, with a cape and mask, but he's got a different plan. It's stirring up trouble. LOL 😂 Biff keeps it real and always wears his doofy smile! You need Biff in your life today! 👍🏼

Well I hope that sums up this sticker. ❤️ Now all you have to do is visit the sticker shop and take advantage of the TikTok or Instagram Promo Code Discounts. 😉 Give us a follow on either account and check out the Promo Code in the Bio!


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