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Catch the Buzzz

Do you love Bees? ❤️ Please nod your head yes. 😂 Our new sticker, Bizzzy, created by our special guest artist, is cute with big eyes and round. Check out the awesome yellow and black pattern with its stubby legs. 🐝

Bizzzy is ready to compliment any home sticker project! Stick this cute bee on your notebook or iPad. If you know anybody in the construction business try to stick Bizzzy on a hardhat. 😉 The guys and gals will love it! 🚧

In the meantime checkout Bizzzy's debut video and be sure to subscribe to stay in the know. 💌 We have more sticker designs coming as well as Cutie Fruities, Fugly Fruit and those famous TikTok Stickers from Graffiti Piggy. 🐽

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