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Cuteness Overload

If you were a little scared or startled by the Fugly Fruit, no more worries. The Cutie Fruities are the answer! 🥰 Don't be surprised by their unfailing love for the Fuglies. We at irmy DESIGNS have no idea how cupid's arrow struck. 😅❤️

Introducing Peachy! This vivid fruit is not your usual symbol for someone's rear end or as they say in the U.K., bum. 🍑 Take notice of the innocent wide eyes, awesome smile and bright green leaves. Peachy is ready for any sticker project.

Experiment with a flower pot, water bottle or a lunch box. She is always ready to attract the best attention and bring good vibes. As for her love of Corey? Your question is as good as ours! 😂 Enjoy the video. 😁


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