• irmy

Dead or Alive

🐽 We have a few more Graffiti Piggy posts and then it will be irmy's turn! 😂 Please enjoy the next excerpt. If Hamlet had a sticker this would be it! ❤️

You know what they say - Skull stickers are cool! 💀 When you walk around with a cool skull you don’t need a laptop or thermos. Just show it to your friends! Take it to your next event and watch the jaws drop. 🤯

⚠️ Just in case you need sticker application instructions you can apply any of our products unto any clean smooth surface. 🔥 Graffiti Piggy's catalog is permanent irmy DESIGNS is reposition-able. Be sure to contact us with any questions and please leave a comment on any of our blogs. 🥰


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