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Do you Carrot all?

Are the puns going to end? 😂 I don't see it quite yet! 😁 Help me welcome Kid Carrot into the mix of awesome irmy DESIGN stickers. This super cute sticker was designed and illustrated by our guest artist again. He is looking his best in his leafy green top and orange bumpy body. Kid Carrot is always ready to cheer anyone up. 🥕

Coming in at 3 inches tall this awesome veggie comes packed with 2 in the 3" pack and 4 in the 2" pack. Why are we so generous? Hey! It's irmy DESIGNS! ❤️ But in all seriousness our guest artist believes it is thoughtful to package a couple of extra because of the sticker's thin stature. 🥰

Compared to Peachy, Big-O and Hachiya, Kid Carrot take up less sticker "real estate" at being 3 inches tall compare to a sticker being 3 inches wide. 📐 Enjoy this awesome carrot sticker and don't forget to subscribe because there is more to come! Enjoy the video. 🎥


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