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It's a Pig. Lookout!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The mysterious TikTokker Graffiti Piggy 🐽 is an artist dedicated to creating high quality awesome sticker designs. His stickers come in a variety of different colors, themes, and finishes. For example, Graffiti Piggy stickers will debut in glossy, matte as well as weatherproof. Just like decorated car vinyl the weatherproof finish is rated for five years! ☔️

As seen on TikTok, the Graff-Pig will provide specifically sized stickers for all of your personal home projects and belongings such as your car, camper, laptop, hardhat, water bottle, etc!

I'm very excited to be working along side this crazy artist. He is always on the edge of creating something weird and/or cute. LOL 🤣

irmy 💕

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