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Pretty Persimmon

We are so tempted to spill the beans on all of our Cutie Fruities. Hachiya, our newest Cutie, stopped us in our tracks. She wants the spotlight and we couldn't agree more!💡

This brightly colored persimmon sticker is ready to brighten up your day as well as your boring objects. ☀️ What do I mean by boring objects? Let's take the water bottle for example. That object is pretty boring. 😂

With bright orange freckles, luscious green leaves and long lashes only a super model would die for, Hachiya is ready to tackle the world 🌎 with you. Warning: Hachiya has been dating the Big-O for a while! 😂 We tried swaying her to see a more handsome fruit but the orange's flirt game is too strong. 🧡 Check out the video!


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