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Super Sized Citrus

Anxiously waiting for the next Fugly Fruit and corny pun? Well look no further! Introducing, Big-O.

Orange you glad he's here? 😂 I’m "sincerely" sorry for the pun. I couldn't resist. 🍊 This big guy is filled with nothing but love and a smile only a stalker would love. 👀

Add some character to your crafty projects or personal belongings with this sticker. Stick Big-O on your thermos, mug, calendar or diet planner. 🗓 He can stick to practically anything! 😁

Be sure to plan ahead and make room because is he large and in charge. Did we mention that he is in love with Hachiya? Beats me what she sees in him! 😍🤪 In the meantime check out the video. 🎥


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